Equestrian training by Anu Teinilä

Looking to improve your seat?

Hoping to develop your (Riding) relationship with your horse?

Does your horse, young or old, need more training?


Equestrian training by Anu Teinilä offers a wide range of training services to both horse and rider.

My teaching is focused on mutual understanding, light aids and balanced seat. Calm, clear aids make up a happy horse and rider.
With me you can train in dressage, jumping and cross-country jumping. I am also happy to ride your horse for training purposes as needed.

You are welcome to attend training at our riding school facilities here at Kantolan Ratsutalli. We can also agree instruction at your chosen location.

To start planning the optimal path to better riding for you and your horse, don't hesitate to contact us!

by  phone +358 40 70 10 555/ Anu Teinilä or by email: anu.teinilä@uusikaupunki.fi

Riding School Kantolan Ratsutalli

-Trail riding in the beautiful forest and archipelago seaside landscapes. A relaxing moment in nature with calm, safe horses. Weekdays only. Must have basic riding skills. 1-4 riders, please contact for more information.
- Riding lessons in weekdays, 1-4 riders per group. All horses are schooled and calm.
Please contact:

by  phone +358 40 70 10 555/ Anu Teinilä or by email: anu.teinila@uusikaupunki.fi